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  • HR Department

Employee development

We know that it takes courage to achieve your goals. At Stromnetz Berlin, professional and personal development go hand in hand.

Training and development courses

Your career at Stromnetz Berlin will constantly pose new challenges. We make sure we offer training opportunities that develop our staff across all competencies. As well as our internal training courses, we also offer our employees external training opportunities on an individual basis.

Leadership programmes for managers

Excellent leaders and project managers are key to our company’s continued success. All managers at Stromnetz Berlin can take part in company-wide leadership programmes. The goal is to support managers in their role as versatile and flexible leaders.

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HR Strategy core values

Develop excellent leadership

Promote a safe, healthy and engaging work environment

Build an efficient and effective HR structure

Drive performance management and operational excellence

Secure critical competencies and skills

Certified occupational health management with the "German Seal of Company Health" in gold

Compensation & benefits

As an employee at Stromnetz Berlin, you can expect recognition, competitive remuneration and additional benefits.

Our mission is to:

  • truly reward strong performance
  • focus on potential
  • enable flexible solutions that facilitate employees in their work


We offer a variety of remuneration and benefit models, which generally include the following:

  • Annual fixed-base salary
  • Annual variable salary
  • Miscellaneous operational allowances

Decisions on individual remuneration will be reached through consideration of both individual performance and any agreements with the trade union, works councils or similar interest groups.

The purpose of a variable salary is to ensure a clear link between individual performance and the Group's strategic direction.


Stromnetz Berlin offers various benefits, e.g. accident insurance under special employee conditions, which may also be expanded to include family members.

Pension scheme

Our employees can participate in our company pension scheme.

Parental leave

We encourage our employees to take parental leave and will advise staff on an individual basis.

Work/life balance

We want to enable our employees to find a better balance between work and family life. This is why we offer our staff flexible working hours models and the opportunity to work part-time.

Fitness, health and wellness

We care about the balance and health of our employees. We offer various prevention services in the areas of nutrition, exercise, addiction and stress. The offers include

  • Sports courses such as yoga,
  • Info events to optimize the work-life balance and promote a healthy lifestyle
  • medical check-ups.

Our occupational health management has been certified by the BKK umbrella association with the "German seal company health" in gold.