Publication pursuant to the Regulations governing Energy Grid Access (StromNZV)

StromNZV is a set of regulations based on the EnWG (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz - Energy Industry Act). It regulates the conditions for access to the electricity supply grids for electrical energy feeds into feed points and the simultaneous withdrawal of electrical energy at withdrawal points which are geographically at some distance from the feed point.


Total feeds for each voltage level

Data on the total feeds for each voltage level and the temporal curve.

The total of all feeds for each voltage level is the total of feeds for the voltage level as an amount (work) in kWh, determined either through measurement (e.g. for the Renewable Energy Act over 500 kW) or by using feed profiles (e.g. minor power stations, Renewable Energy Act below 500 kW).

Feeds 2020 shown monthly in kWh

Month High Voltage Medium Voltage Low Voltage
January 664,335,337 34,799,310 5,987,151
February 514,193,551 36,093,637 6,664,683
March 407,383,773 35,416,847 11,323,588
April 254,537,300 27,828,359 17,947,042
May 225,841,004 22,970,243 18,454,420
June 175,885,230 20,231,893 18,732,318
July 175,599,693 18,452,379 13,812,210
August 165,364,794 18,580,469 12,926,708
September 186,348,746 17,928,160 8,579,699
October 445,612,281 25,900,606 6,598,105
November 691,202,322 32,180,530 6,287,044
December 801,596,873 38,471,824 6,430,217


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