Our online portals

We provide further online portals for information and services.

Meter status online

You wish to inform us of your meter status because

  • you received notification from us, as the regional grid operator, of your annual meter reading,
  • you wish to document your meter status on moving in or out, or
  • you are changing your energy provider and wish to document the meter status at the time of the switch.


Meter Online (Märkisches Viertel district)

A smart meter with remote reading is installed at your withdrawal point and you wish to view your documented meter data.


Load profile data online

A load profile meter is installed at your withdrawal point and you would like to view your load profile data.


Installer portal

As an electrical installation engineer, you want to exchange data with us about installing meters.


Service Provider Portal

As a contract partner, you would like to document, process and invoice measures you undertake on our distribution grid.


Grid data (OpenData)

You want to view our published data about and on Berlin's energy distribution grid and potentially evaluate it.