Analysis of energy produced from photovoltaics

As an operator of a photovoltaic system in Berlin, you are eligible to take part in Stromnetz Berlin GmbH's analysis programme.

The analysis programme compares the performance of your system with that of all of the other participating systems based on meter readings taken from the generation meter. After providing your meter readings for the calendar year, we will send you the analysis of your photovoltaic system middle of the following year via email.

Would you like to take part in our programme but are not yet registered with us? Please email us at letting us know that you would like to take part. We will send you the relevant documentation necessary for participation as soon as possible. Participating in the analysis programme does not entail any costs, nor are any commitments required on your part. Use the following form you can send us monthly end of each month your meter reading. Of course you can send us your meter readings also subsequently by the end of January of the following year.

The information you provide will not be used for billing purposes or passed on to third parties. The annual readings will be taken separately at the end of the year.

Providing information for the analysis programme
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Taking the meter readings
Please enter the meter readings excluding the decimal numbers. You can either supply the readings seperately a month or provide readings for several months together. Meter readings which have already been provided need not be entered again.

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Notes / tips
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