E-mobility charging infrastructure

This is where you can find information about connecting e-mobility charging infrastructure.

Information on connection applications

Please note that infrastructure connections require consent in accordance with the network operator's technical low voltage grid connection requirements (TAB NS Nord 2019)

We recommend that you seek the advice of an installer from the list of installers when applying for your house connection or when planning to change your existing connection. This avoids delays in the construction process and ensures that the project can be executed from a technical point of view in accordance with the technical low voltage grid connection requirements (TAB NS Nord 2019).

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Are you looking for an electrician?

An electrician will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your connection..

Please use our electrician search function to select a specialist electrical company registered with Stromnetz Berlin.

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Please also note the additional information that applies to each house connection:

New house connection

You can get an overview of the process and requirements for setting up a new house connection in the leaflet "The electrical connection - fact sheet for developers and architects" (PDF 8 MB).

Required documentation:

Please also note the information on requesting the connection and the next steps.

Increasing capacity

To increase the capacity of an existing house connection, we require the following documents:

Please also note the information on requesting the connection and the next steps.


The current costs of installing/changing a house connection are listed on our price sheet.

Price sheet for low voltage grid connections (PDF 60 kB)

Contract documents

Persons authorised to carry out electrical installation work

Are you looking for an electrician to install your charging infrastructure?

All electrical firms registered in our installer directory are authorised to connect charging infrastructure. Our Installer Search tool can help you find a company in your region.

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More information is also available on the Elektro-Innung Berlin website (German only). This is where the e-mobility working group publishes additional information and a list of specialised firms


The next steps in the process

Please send us - via your installer if applicable - your completed documentation: 


Once you have made this application, you will receive a quotation with further documents. By signing the quotation and, if applicable, the grid connection agreement, you are contractually commissioning the connection.