Connection for producers

Connection of generation plants to feed in energy

Do you want to feed the energy that you generate into our distribution grid? Do you want this feed to be via a new connection or an existing one?

Voltage levels for feeding in

The choice of voltage levels for feeds depends on the following factors:

  • Your planned feed-in activity
    The circumstances of our distribution grid at the feed-in location.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibility of using your existing connection or setting up a new one. Generally, private customers feed energy into the low voltage grid (0.4 kV) and business customers feed into the medium (10 kV) or high voltage (110 kV) grids.

For further information and assistance, our experts will be happy to help. Please get in touch with us.

You can find information on connecting to and the planned supply to the high-voltage network here:

Visiting the feed-in point

Prior to incorporating your generation plant into our distribution grid and beginning to feed in, we will usually check the plant. This is to check adherence to the terms and conditions of connection, which are a prerequisite for the feed-in agreement. The feed-in agreement stipulates remuneration for the energy that is fed in.For photovoltaic systems with an electrical output up to 100 kW, the new PFR receivers of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH will be provided with immediate effect in replacement of the previously used EFR receivers.

The contact persons in the grid Region will be able to provide you with further information.

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