Registration as Berlin installer

An electrical installation company located in Berlin can be listed to the installer register.

In addition to the information provided by the applicant, documents must be provided:

  • Proof of qualification (e.g. master's certificate),
  • Proof of competence (TREI) with at least a sufficient test result (see page 15 information sheet „Registration of installation companies“)
  • Valid craft card from the competent Chamber of Crafts,
  • Business registration of the issuing authority,
  • Proof of successfully passing the workshop test,
  • Proof of employment, if the applicant is not a managing director,
  • Extract from the commercial register if it is a corporation, e.g. B. a GmbH,
  • Application to expand the installer registration for work over 1,000 V, if desired

Application for registration to the Berlin installer register

Proof of competence (TREI training) provided?

If you have selected a voltage authorization > 1,000 V, please upload the completed application with the other documents.

Consent of owner
Consent principles
Approval sealing
Third party use

Further requirements to be fulfilled

  • Provision of documents
    DIN standards, DIN VDE regulations, accident prevention regulations,
    special provisions of the distribution system operator, among other things. for my / our work area I / we are known, available and constantly updated.
  • Workshop equipment
    The workshop equipment of the company corresponds to the requirements according to section 2.3 of the "Principles for Cooperation" and the respectively valid guideline "Workshop equipment of the BDEW regional groups North Germany and Berlin | Brandenburg for companies in the electrical engineering trade"
  • Availability
    I / we are available to the distribution network operator during his / her business hours for the systems I / we set up if necessary. This also applies in the event that I am employed by a third party.
  • Liability insurance
    Conclusion of sufficient liability insurance for property damage and personal injury.
Consent to further requirements
Correct information

Please upload the following documents individually or collectively in one file:

  • Business registration
  • Craft card
  • Proof of qualification including safety training (if required)
  • Proof of employment (if you are not a managing director of the company)
  • Extract from the commercial register (if a corporation, e.g. a GmbH)
  • Application for voltage expansion

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