Connection to the medium-voltage grid

If you are looking to connect a private transfer station to the medium-voltage grid in Berlin on behalf of your company or large commercial enterprise, or are planning to make alterations to an existing transfer station, then you have come to the right place to find the information you need.


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New connection

You require a high connected capacity for your business or trade. Whether you are looking to construct a private transfer station with a connection to our medium-voltage grid out of necessity or because it would be useful, we would be happy to coordinate with you.

Making alterations to a connection

You already operate a transfer station and would like to make alterations to your private plant (e.g. an extension) or you need to adapt your connected capacity.

Removing a connection

You want to put your transfer station out of operation and have the connection removed. We will issue you with a quote for disconnecting the connection from our grid.

Information and documents

Submit a connection request

Before we can consider a transfer station connection request, we require the following information:

  • expected power requirements* (net output),
  • a scaled site plan that includes the local position of the property to be connected: If you already have a suggested location for your transfer station, include this on the site plan along with the desired cable route through the property or building.

For your request please use the following forms:

E.1 – Application
E.2 – Data sheet for assessment of system perturbations

Forms TAR medium voltage from appendix E of VDE AR N 4110 (PDF 2 MB)

Please send your request by post:

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH
Netzvertrieb – Netzanschluss
11511 Berlin

or by email to

Connection fees

Once the boundary conditions (including power requirements, location of the planned customer-owned transfer station and the cable route through the customer property) have been clarified, we will provide you with an individual quote for establishing a connection between your transfer station and our medium-voltage grid.
The quote also sets out the connection costs for the connection to our medium-voltage grid and a contribution to building costs.

The contribution to building costs is in line with the recommendations made by the Federal Network Agency. To establish this fee, the published unit price of the access grid level in force when the contract was concluded or adapted is multiplied by the contractually agreed provision of power:

Contribution to building costs = Annual unit price (≥ 2,500 h/a) of the grid level x appointed power (kVA)

Note: Some connection versions and additional actions may entail extra costs which you must bear in addition to the costs of a regular connection.

Price sheet reactive energy

When withdrawal electrical energy, a displacement factor (cos Phi) between 0.9 inductive and 1 must always be observed. If this is not the case, no reactive work is calculated according to the following price sheets.

Basic legal regulations

The establishment or extension of grid connections in the medium-voltage and high-voltage grids is carried out in accordance with Section 17 of the EnWG in conjunction with our "General specifications and technical requirements for grid connections and connection usage in the medium-voltage and high-voltage grids."


Contract documents

Along with the quote for your connection to the medium-voltage grid, you will also receive one of the following versions of the grid connection contract:

1. If you use the connection yourself, you will receive a contract which regulates both the grid connection and connection usage

2. If your connection is used by a third-party, you, the power recipient,

The contract also contains the following attachments:

Historically, in the case of existing connections, the following property boundaries are also conditionally available:

Note: Further explanations regarding terms such as power recipient, connection user, grid connection contract and connection usage contract can be found in our glossary.

Technical documents

The technical requirements are to be taken into account when planning, constructing, connecting and operating customer systems connected to the medium-voltage grid.




You will find further information at installer documentation by "Medium voltage grid connection documentation"

Approved equipment

Manufacturers of medium-voltage switch gears that are permitted to be installed in the distribution grid receive a corresponding certificate of approval from us before they are installed. If equipment from other manufacturers is installed, it must be checked and approved by the Distribution System Operator before use.

Overview of approved equipment:

The following manufacturers currently have permission to install approved switchgears in Berlin's medium-voltage grid:

Carrying out electrical installation work

As a Distribution System Operator, we keep a directory that contains a register of electricians who are permitted to construct, expand, alter or maintain the systems on our distribution grid. When choosing your electrician, please ensure that he or she is registered in our directory and has the necessary credentials.

Connection of a station for providing power to a construction site

The following guidelines apply to temporary connections and to the operation of a customer-owned station for providing power to a construction site with a transformer of up to 630 kVA:

Technical guidelines for stations for providing power to a construction site 2009 (PDF 322 kB)

If you require a temporary connected capacity greater than 630 kVA, our technical requirements apply. You will find the documents at 'Technical documents'

The application, planning and commissioning procedures and practices for stations for providing power to a construction site are identical to those that apply to an application for a transfer station connection.

At the moment, the individual connection costs are the only charge that applies to the connection of a station for providing power to a construction site. The connection of a station for providing power to a construction site does not currently require the customer to make a contribution towards building costs.

Connection of standby generators

The following guidelines apply to the connection and operation of standby generators

Standby generators - guidelines for planning, constructing and operating systems with standby generators (PDF 2 MB)

All downloads are available in German language only.