Long-term construction measures

We are carrying out construction work on our electricity distribution grid to ensure that you receive a reliable and secure energy supply.

Foto Kabelkanal

Expansion of the electricity grid: new cabling for residential development in Pankow

There are plans to increase municipal housing construction in the north of Pankow over the next few years, while also increasing the number of wind turbines. Over several phases of construction, there is a requirement to create two new 10 kV grid rings and to extend an existing 10 kV grid ring.

Image network node Berlin-Charlottenburg

Construction of the new Charlottenburg 110 kV network node

The Charlottenburg network node distributes energy to ten transformer stations and four 110 kV customer installations. It supplies around 320,000 commercial and household customers in the Charlottenburg, Moabit, Wilmersdorf, Reinickendorf and Wedding districts. This will become operational in 2020.

Construction work in Köpenick and Grünau

Construction work in Köpenick and Grünau

The construction work is part of the process of switching the medium voltage grid from the Grünau substation to the higher-performing, more modern substation on Landjägerstrasse.

Dismantling Overhead Power Lines in Lichtenberg

We are replacing the overhead cables in the Lichtenberg district with underground cables until spring 2018.

Construction Sellerstraße substation

Once it is completed in early 2018, the Sellerstraße substation will provide around 19,000 households and 3,000 business customers in central Berlin with energy.

Construction measures in Altglienicke: the second phase of construction work

With a scheduled completion date of September 2017, we have continued to replace overhead lines in the Altglienicke district with underground cables.

Construction works in Lichtenrade

In 2014, we began fundamental renovation work on the low-voltage grid in the Berlin district of Lichtenrade. The 1 kV cable network will be expanded and replaced by 2018.