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Charging solutions for fleet operators

Do you have your own fleet, for example because you operate a delivery service or offer mobile care services? Then you have probably thought about converting your vehicle fleet to electric cars and/or vans.

Funding for electric vehicle fleets

On the one hand, vehicles powered by electricity are particularly well suited to inner-city traffic. On the other hand, the federal government and the state of Berlin are financially promoting the purchase of electric vehicles. The state of Berlin has been supporting business-orientated electromobility, or WELMO for short, since 2018. This programme subsidises small and medium-sized businesses that are converting their fleets to electric vehicles. Funding is currently being offered (as of May 2021) for:

  • Vehicles (up to €15,000 for light commercial vehicles, up to €5,000 for small and light vehicles)

  • Mains connection (up to 50%)

  • Charging infrastructure (up to 50%)

  • Consultation (100% of potential consultation, 80% of implementation consultation)

Climate-friendly fleet

At the start of the switch-over process, a thorough analysis of your fleet and its needs is carried out: How high is the mobility requirement in your company? When and how intensively do you use your vehicles? Do you have one or more locations? - The result of this analysis is a viable concept with the technical solutions you need for the reliable, cost-effective and climate-friendly operation of your vehicle fleet.

We will advise you on the funding programmes and combination options. Of course, we will also advise you on how new electric vehicles can be integrated sensibly into your fleet if you also have cars with combustion engines. In any case, an electric vehicle fleet is already a positive image factor for your company.

Charging management for your vehicle fleet

Fleet operators in particular can benefit from intelligent charging management, as this makes optimum use of the power available at the building connection. In addition, charging management helps to ensure that the connection is not oversized. This also keeps connection costs under control. We would be happy to advise you on the options available here and exactly how the individual models work.

Flow Controller

Save costs with intelligent control

References, optimally charged

Successful projects for BVG, Deutsche Wohnen and Penny, among others


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