Consultations as part of the WELMO state programme

In September 2018, the State of Berlin launched a funding programme to promote electromobility for business (WELMO: wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität). The aim of the programme is to motivate small and medium-sized enterprises in the commercial sector to switch to electrically powered vehicles.

The programme provides subsidies for

  • vehicles (up to EUR 4,000 for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) plus any federal funding
  • grid connection (50% of the total cost of connection to the low and medium-voltage grid with upper limits)
  • charging infrastructure (50% of the total cost with upper limits)
  • Advice on maximising potential (100%) at a maximum daily rate of EUR 800
  • Advice on implementation (80%), 2-3 consultation days, max. daily rate of EUR 1,000

The full funding conditions are available (in German) at

Stromnetz Berlin is listed as a consulting company. We provide advice on implementation and how to maximise potential in order to promote electromobility.

Advice on maximising potential

We assist you in the initial stages by providing guidance on electromobility at your place of business.

  • Advice on features of the WELMO (electromobility for business [wirtschaftsnahe Elektromobilität]) funding programme
  • Advice on drive technologies that are funded
  • Determination of the necessary charging capacities
  • Determination of individual requirements in terms of charging infrastructure
  • Advisory report (recommendation)

The funding of this consultation is not dependent on subsequent implementation.

Advice on implementation

Together with you, we make preparations for the practical implementation of electromobility.

  • Determination of requirements for electromobility (vehicles, fleet requirements, charging infrastructure and fleet integration)
  • Complete advice on all aspects of the grid connection
  • Presentation of technical solutions for performance and symmetry requirements (security of supply)
  • Advice on load management, control technology and savings potential
  • Advice on sector coupling, including the use of PV installations
  • Advice on favourable grid fees and the necessary conditions
  • Creation of an advisory report (recommended action)

Funding is provided for 80% of the cost of this consultation and is not dependent on subsequent implementation.

Would you like to find out more?

Contact us.

We will gladly make you an offer for the desired scope of advice. For the individual grant, please contact the IBB.


Support for connection

In addition to fee-based consultations based on the funding programme, we offer free assistance with all questions relating to grid connection as part of our regulated business as a network operator. You can contact the electrical companies registered in our installer directory to perform the individual checks and ensure all modifications conform to standards.

Further information

More information on introducing electromobility at your place of business is available at: