E-mobility charging infrastructure

This is where you can find information about connecting e-mobility charging infrastructure.

Information on connection applications

Please note that infrastructure connections require consent in accordance with the network operator's technical low voltage grid connection requirements (TAB NS Nord 2019)

We recommend that you seek the advice of an installer from the list of installers when applying for your house connection or when planning to change your existing connection. This avoids delays in the construction process and ensures that the project can be executed from a technical point of view in accordance with the technical low voltage grid connection requirements (TAB NS Nord 2019).


Please also note the additional information that applies to each house connection:

FAQs on charging infrastructure

Contact at electrician guild (Elektro-Innung Berlin)

You can get further information about electromobility from the expert group e-mobility of the electrician guild and the published specialized firms:
Elektro-Innung Berlin - expert group e-mobility

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