E-mobility charging infrastructure

This is where you can find information about connecting e-mobility charging infrastructure.

Information on connection applications

Please note that infrastructure connections require consent in accordance with the network operator's technical low voltage grid connection requirements (TAB NS Nord 2019)

We recommend that you seek the advice of an installer from the list of installers when applying for your house connection or when planning to change your existing connection. This avoids delays in the construction process and ensures that the project can be executed from a technical point of view in accordance with the technical low voltage grid connection requirements (TAB NS Nord 2019).


  • Connection consultant


Please also note the additional information that applies to each house connection:

New house connection

You can get an overview of the process and requirements for setting up a new house connection in the leaflet "The electrical connection - fact sheet for developers and architects" (PDF 8 MB).

Required documentation:

Please also note the information on requesting the connection and the next steps.

Increasing capacity

To increase the capacity of an existing house connection, we require the following documents:

Please also note the information on requesting the connection and the next steps.

Contract documents

Persons authorised to carry out electrical installation work

Are you looking for an electrician to install your charging infrastructure?

All electrical firms registered in our installer directory are authorised to connect charging infrastructure. Our Installer Search tool can help you find a company in your region.

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More information is also available on the Elektro-Innung Berlin website (German only). This is where the e-mobility working group publishes additional information and a list of specialised firms
Elektro-Innung Berlin - Expert group emobility

The next steps in the process

Please send us - via your installer if applicable - your completed documentation: 


Once you have made this application, you will receive a quotation with further documents. By signing the quotation and, if applicable, the grid connection agreement, you are contractually commissioning the connection.

FAQs on charging infrastructure

Where can I buy a wallbox from?

In addition to many energy providers, other market players such as the electrical trade offer suitable charging stations for any application. Stromnetz Berlin does not sell wallboxes.

Why do I have to register my charging infrastructure? How and with whom should I register my charging infrastructure?

As of March 2019, all charging stations must be registered with the network operator by law. In accordance with the Low Voltage Connection Ordinance (Niederspannungsanschlussverordnung - NAV), which applies throughout Germany, the charging station must be registered with the relevant network operator before commissioning (see the second sentence of § 19 (2) NAV). The electrician performing the work for you can assist you with this and can take care of the registration for you using the standardised registration form.

In addition, prior approval of the network operator is required for charging infrastructure above 12 kVA. Once the request has been received, the grid situation is analysed and – depending on the results of this analysis – approval is given or the required measures are communicated.

How do I determine if my household connection is suitable?

With large charging outputs in particular, the existing electrical installation in the house and the household connection may be pushed to their limits. Therefore, you should contact a registered electrician before purchasing the wallbox and check the connection situation.

The continuous current-carrying capacity of the electrical installations concerned must be checked in advance by a registered electrician.
You can also ask your electrician about any alterations that may be required to the household connection or meter panel. The electrician will usually also take care of any other arrangements and resolve any issues with the network operator.

How do I find out how much capacity is available in my existing connection for e-mobility?

An electrician can ascertain how much reserve capacity is available in your existing household connection. Based on this information, a technical assessment of the mains power availability is carried out and any necessary grid upgrades initiated.

We require the relevant information from you or your electrician/technical planner in order to modify the household connection. This includes the previous service listing and the new e-mobility service listing.

Am I allowed to install the wallbox myself?

No. As with any other work on electrical equipment, installing the charging station yourself is not permitted. Only professional electricians are permitted to carry out work on and install electrical equipment. Electrical equipment that is not properly installed may pose risks (in some cases serious risks) to people and technical installations and to the electric vehicle.

What should be taken into account for the installation of the wallbox?

The wallbox must be installed by a registered electrician. Every connection must be protected with its own residual-current circuit breaker in accordance with a standard that applies throughout Germany (see: VDE 0100-722, Part 7 "Electricity supply of electric vehicles"). A Type B RCD that is sensitive to all current types is generally required. Your electrician will be able to provide you with more details about this for your individual case.

A data network connection must be considered for additional features such as energy or load management in connection with a PV installation.

What costs do I have to cover?

Please contact a registered electrician for a cost estimate for a wallbox (purchase cost, installation cost, etc.).

You can find information on our grid fees, metering fees, levies, charges and services in our pricing leaflets.

to pricing leaflet grid fees

to pricing leaflet measurement operation (meter)

Do I need an additional meter?

An additional meter for measuring private charge energy via a wallbox is not mandatory.

If you would like to take advantage of our reduced grid fees for powering your electric car, the charge energy must be measured and recorded separately for billing your grid fees. In this case, an additional meter with a tariff switching device (for switching between tariffs, also called a tariff time switch) is required.

Contact at electrician guild (Elektro-Innung Berlin)

You can get further information about electromobility from the expert group e-mobility of the electrician guild and the published specialized firms:
Elektro-Innung Berlin - expert group e-mobility

Are you looking for an electrician?

An electrician will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your connection..

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