Worth knowing on electric mobility

Electric mobility is set to experience extremely strong growth over the next few years. The key finding is:

Berlins electricity grid is ready to accommodate electric mobility.

Podcast "From roadmap to the street"

With partners we have regarded the electric mobility in Berlin from different perspectives.

Overview of the four podcasts of Berliner Energietagen 2020

The overview is only in German.

FAQs on electromobility

Comparison charging infrastructure

Test centre for charging infrastructure

In its test centre, Stromnetz Berlin is analysing various plants and control systems that could be put into practice as the field of electric mobility expands. Examples include:

  • Phase selectors
    To manage imbalances when connecting multiple single-phase charging systems
  • Local load management
    To limit the load connected to the charging infrastructure and reduce the connection costs, and to prevent the grid from being expanded too far

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