Our references

BVG, depot Indira-Ghandi-Straße, Lichtenberg

  • 88 charging points (30x 100 kW charging stations, 58x 11 kW charging boxes)

  • Planning and construction of grid connections

  • Charging of electric buses and BerlKönig vehicles

Deutsche Wohnen, Kreuzberg

  • 4 charging points

  • Charging in private areas for tenants of the property, but also for public use

  • Operation and billing by Vattenfall InCharge

  • Load management allows optimal utilisation of grid power

KSA Verwaltungsgesellschaft, Lichtenberg

  • Charging option for vehicle fleet, employees,

  • Customers, business partners

  • Connection to the medium-voltage connection of KSA

Penny, Filiale Grüner Weg, Spandau

  • 2 charging points (expandable to 10 charging points)

  • Charging for all customers

  • Operation and billing by Vattenfall InCharge

  • Use of a separate building connection for electromobility

Stromnetz Berlin, Standort Eichenstraße, Treptow

  • 17 charging points (1 quick charger, 32 wallboxes)

  • Connection capacity 350 kW

  • Charging option for fleet and employees

  • Charging infrastructure can be viewed


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