Frequently Asked Questions

We have collated the frequently asked questions on EEG feed-in and their answers.

What is a photovoltaic plant (PV plant)?

A PV plant is an electricity generation plant. Solar energy is captured using solar cells and transformed into electrical energy.

How long does it take to process a connection application from a generation plant?

For plants up to 30 kW, five working days should generally be allowed for a response. During this time, the customer will receive an offer and/or confirmation of receipt of their query. This relies on all the requisite documents having been submitted. For larger plants, the grid operator will need to carry out technological grid checks, which may require expansion of the grid. The time taken to process the application depends on the amount of work required.

Who should make the application to the grid operator to connect a generation plant?

The application can be made by the operator of the plant, but is generally made by its constructor.

Is an existing grid connection always used as a feed-in point?

There is a routine check to determine whether the plant can be incorporated into the relevant grid using an existing connection. If the grid compatibility check shows that the energy can be fed in at the existing connection, the plant operator will be notified. There are also checks to determine the conditions for accepting the energy into the distribution grid before a corresponding offer is made.

When will I receive payment?

After the generation plant has begun to operate, the feeder will submit the following documents to the grid operator:

  • Operation initiation protocol signed by the plant's operator and constructor.
  • Customer information leaflet (containing the plant operator's details)
  • Proof of registration with the Federal Network Agency [Bundesnetzagentur (BNetzA)].
  • General environmental certification from an environmental certifier (in the case of biomass plants)

Payment will take place as soon as possible after all documentation has been received.

How much will I be paid?

Remuneration for a generation plant depends on the type of plant, the time at which it came into operation, the plant's performance and the marketing method. The remuneration terms in the Renewable Energies Act (EEG) valid at the time of the initiation of operations are used in the calculation.

Will I incur charges for meter replacement?

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH covers the cost of meter replacement.