Customer advisory board

We can't be beaten in the secure and reliable operation of Berlin's energy distribution grid.
We also aim to be a leader in customer care and transparency: we conduct with 21 men and women living in Berlin a friendly and trusting dialogue.

For greater transparency

We aim to fulfil the wish of many Berlin residents to get more involved in matters relating to energy supply, especially the operations of the energy distribution grid, and make these more transparent.

For the exchange of ideas and a better mutual understanding

The Customer Advisory Board supports open and straight-talking communication between Stromnetz Berlin and its customers. It helps with the continued improvement of our customer service, represents customers' interests and puts its own suggestions to our management.


Customer Advisory Board activities

Date Action Content Minutes

9th Session

Contemporary issues

Review of the three years

Feedback questions

9th minutes (PDF 531 kB)

09.03.2020 8th Session

Contemporary issues

Regulation management

Online power failure information

Workshop: new announcement for customer advisory board

8th minutes (PDF 169 kB)

11.11.2019 7th Session

Contemporary issues

Electromobility: guided tour

Workshop: announcement for new customer advisory board

7th minutes (PDF 178 kB)

17.06.2019 6th Session

Contemporary issues
Customer communication on modern metering devices
Measuring technique

6th minutes (PDF 69 kB)

11.03.2019 5th Session

Contemporary issues
Customer communication on modern metering devices
Security of supply and fault clearance management

5th minutes (PDF 277 kB)

12.11.2018 4th Session

Contemporary issues
Research project WindNODE
Energy to grasp - the game

4th minutes (PDF 36 kB)

26.09.2018 Work group

New customer form


18.06.2018 3rd Session

Contemporary issues
Complaint management
Tour EUREF Campus

3rd minutes (PDF 63 kB)

22.03.2018 2nd Session

Contemporary issues
Introduction customer communication
Workshop customer communication

  • Complaint management
  • Open-door day

2nd minutes (PDF 102 kB)

13.12.2017 Event Grid Forum - emobility  
12.12.2017 Excursion

Neighborhood tour at Spandau


04.12.2017 1st Session

Get-together to get acquainted
Organization of the Advisory Board works
Election of the speaker of the Advisory Board and the deputy
Issues of the next sessions

1st minutes (PDF 516 kB)

All downloads are available in German language only.

Questions and answers around the customer advisory board

Customer advisory board members

For the period Autumn 2017 - Summer 2020.

Board members 2017 - 2020

"Stromnetz Berlin is a byword for speedy customer service for electricity connections, repairs and a secure electricity supply here in Berlin! I want to do my bit for the customers as a customer advisory board member. One of the most important tasks is ensuring efficient, easy and good-value meter reading for everyone!"

(Quotation Werner Nicklaß to work in the advisory board of Stromnetz Berlin)

"The topics raised at Stromnetz Berlin GmbH's customer advisory board meetings are relevant and are discussed promptly, e.g. the subject of customer communication. The Management Board is always interested in issues and suggestions from the customer advisory board."

(Quotation Gabriele Eismann to work in the advisory board of Stromnetz Berlin)

Further members of the customer advisory board are:

  • Bärbel Ciesielski
  • Marco Firoozan
  • Gudrun Rudolph
  • Bettina Weber