Overview of former Advisory Boards

1st legislative period (Autumn 2014 - Summer 2017)

Advisory Board activities

03.07.20179th meeting
  • Retrospect across the versatile themes of the 1st legislative period
  • Common analysis of the teamwork - what should be improved and how should be designed the offered aktivities
  • Procedure and organization of advisory board meetings


8th meeting
  • WindNODE
  • Diversity&Inclusion
  • Campaigne for 2nd legislative period
21.11.20167th meeting
  • Design of the future customer room
  • Online offers for customers
  • Supply of information across social media channels
17.11.2015ExcursionBerlin's electricity museum
04.07.20166th meeting
  • Customer service
  • Results of the cusomer survey "Successful energy saving"
14.03.20165th meeting
  • Investment
  • Fees
  • Economics
02.11.20154th meetingInnovation
06.07.20153rd meeting
  • New website Stromnetz Berlin
  • Results of the workgroup apps, broschures, electricity to recognize and energy efficiency
  • Quality of supply
11.06.2015ExcursionSubstation Mitte and 380-kV-diagonal
20.04.2015ExcursionNeighborhood tour at Mitte
10.03.20152nd meeting
  • Election of the Advisory Board speaker and the deputy
  • Customer focus / transparency
18.02.2015ExcursionVisit of the grid control room
09.02.2015ExcursionNeighborhood tour at Steglitz 
29.01.2015Role playingHow operate the electricity market?
03.12.20141st meeting
  • Get-together to get acquainted for the new members
  • Issues of the Customer Advisory Board
  • Clarification of themes for the next meetings
Kundenbeirat (2014-2017)
Thorsten Neumann
Thorsten Neumann
Thorsten Neumann

"The Customer Advisory Board's professional, open way of working and its proximity to the company's management means that our work is taken seriously and valued. A good opportunity to get involved with the exciting and fast-changing world of the energy industry!"

(Quotation Thorsten Neumann on the work of Stromnetz Berlin's Customer Advisory Board)

The other members of the Customer Advisory Board are:

  • Torben Bertram
  • Bärbel Ciesielski
  • Kai Kallweit
  • Fabian Pilzecker
  • Harald Vogel
  • n. n.