Our Customer Advisory Board members

In Summer/Autumn 2017, we asked again all Berlin residents over 16 years old to apply to join our Customer Advisory Board for the second legislative period (Autumn 2017 - Summer 2020). Members were then selected to ensure that the advisory board would accurately represent the capital city's residents.

The term of office is three years.

Customer advisory board members

Board members 2017 - 2020
Werner Nicklaß

"Stromnetz Berlin is a byword for speedy customer service for electricity connections, repairs and a secure electricity supply here in Berlin! I want to do my bit for the customers as a customer advisory board member. One of the most important tasks is ensuring efficient, easy and good-value meter reading for everyone!"

(Quotation Werner Nicklaß to work in the advisory board of Stromnetz Berlin)

"The topics raised at Stromnetz Berlin GmbH's customer advisory board meetings are relevant and are discussed promptly, e.g. the subject of customer communication. The Management Board is always interested in issues and suggestions from the customer advisory board."

(Quotation Gabriele Eismann to work in the advisory board of Stromnetz Berlin)

Gabriele Eismann
Daniel Adler
Harald Birkholz
Friedhelm Homberg
Martin Kabelitz
Raphaela Krause Pereira
Olaf Lau
Thomas Nietz
Marco Peschke
Ralf Traube
Gabriele Eismann
Fred Gohlke
Daryouch Kian
Rüdiger Mahnke
Werner Nicklaß
Norman Ratzel
Christina Traube

Further members of the customer advisory board are:

  • Bärbel Ciesielski
  • Marco Firoozan
  • Gudrun Rudolph
  • Bettina Weber