"Consumers measure" - collaboration with dena

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH is a cooperation partner in the Germany Energy Agency (dena)'s field test "Consumers measure!".

Almost 350 Berlin households applied to take part in the field test. From these, 50 representative private households were selected. At the beginning of August they received the documents for the field test, the required measuring devices and a usage diary for household devices.

By the beginning of November, energy consumption is being measured by 4 to 6 measuring devices per household. The devices are "plug adaptors": they are installed between the plug and the device. This means that they can monitor energy consumption values and save these digitally at 60-second intervals. In parallel to the measurement, the type and frequency of usage is documented in the diary.

We hope that, among other things, the field test will give us answers to the following questions:

  • How precisely can one measure the energy consumption of individual large household devices?
  • How is energy consumption spread across different applications?
  • How significant is the impact of the individual user on energy consumption?