Customer survey "Successful energy saving"

Since 2010, we have noticed that the annual overall energy consumption in Berlin's households and businesses is continually decreasing. We are currently investigating this trend to find out which factors have the strongest influence on energy consumption in a household. For us, the results are important in helping us to prepare the energy grid for the amounts of electricity to be delivered in the future.

Declining overall consumption from household and smaller business customers

Survey of 30,000 Berlin residents

To this end, in September 2015 we wrote to around 30,000 household customers in Berlin to ask them about the main factors impacting their energy consumption. The results are currently being evaluated with expert assistance.

The questions were conceived in order to let us draw conclusions about the general behaviour of all household customers. The survey is anonymous, with strict regard for data protection.

Reasons for declining consumption

The decrease in energy consumption is supported by simple measures like households swapping lightbulbs for LED light and exchanging energy-guzzling household devices for new and energy-efficient household devices.

We want to use the survey as a scientific way to identify other factors which are influencing the decline. We will shortly be publishing the successful energy-saving tips on this page, to give all Berlin residents access to the best tips.

The project is a collaboration between Berlin Technical University and the German Energy Agency (dena).

Donation as recognition

As a small thanks for the effort put in by participants in the study, we will be donating EUR 1 to the "City trees for Berlin" campaign for every questionnaire completed.