Energy transition in Berlin

The conversion of energy systems, as summarised in the term "energy transition", is one of the most important projects of our age. As a grid operator, our core task is to connect generators, consumers and storage providers to the grid and provide them with smart links to one another, thus making an active contribution to the energy transition. Through innovation and investment we continue to develop our distribution grid for this purpose and enable it to respond to the challenges of tomorrow – Berlin's energy grid is transforming into a "smart grid".

Renewables in Berlin

You can see that the energy transition has arrived in Berlin in the increase in local and renewable electricity generation plants in the city. These include photovoltaic plants, wind turbines, thermal power stations in a wide range of sizes and bioenergy plants, which are being connected to the distribution grid.

Our promise to you

We have also developed measures to support you as the customer in making the energy transition a reality. With our renewable energies customer promise, we guarantee to connect every renewable energy plant to the grid without delay and provide a meter in just one week. If we do not manage this, you will receive EUR 100 from us.

Inovative management

Since late 2014, with StromPager grid management technology we have been using a modern radio standard which enables the flexible and efficient management of local generation plants and consumers. This promotes the best possible integration of renewable energies into the energy system.


The energy transition is not just about increasing the proportion of overall energy consumption that comes from renewable sources, but also includes the aim of increasing energy efficiency.

To support you in monitoring and managing your energy consumption, we have developed a number of apps. With the StromTracker app, for example, you can read the consumption display on your electricity meter in the same way as a barcode scanner and view your energy consumption (including over a longer period). With the StromWetter app you can see when truly green energy is in the grid and direct your consumption accordingly. The StromTicker app shows the electrical capacity that the city of Berlin produces itself, imports and consumes. The app also depicts data for specific Berlin districts, in addition to creating a visual display of the CO2 emissions equivalent to the consumption level.

As a grid operator, one of our important tasks is to make feed-in and consumption values more transparent. Because you can only make active choices about your "energy behaviour" if you're aware of the situation in the grid.