Smart management

Whether it's Ms Schmidt's electric car, her water heater or her employer's air conditioning - metering is needed to ensure these applications can be made available as a flexible load. This guarantees efficiency and contributes to the energy revolution. Smart metering systems facilitate the necessary flow of data:

  • Flexibility is made visible to the customer through the provision of smart metering systems (iMsys).
  • We are trialling communication technologies with the highest standards of data protection and data security to protect our infrastructure and, ultimately, to ensure acceptance among our customers.
  • As a metering point operator with fundamental responsibility, we ensure that we offer smart metering systems efficiently and with high data transfer quality.

However, metering alone is not enough. The electric car, water heater, etc. also need to be managed - and with the same data protection and data security standards as for metering:

  • Flexibility becomes manageable: we are continuing to develop the "Strompager" technology and are using this to test a secure and readily available management tool which is compatible with smart metering systems.
  • Consumption can be aligned with the availability of renewable energy and contribute to an efficient overall System.
  • This will allow the customer to benefit from new electricity products in future.