Junction box styling 2014

In 2014, 30 school classes made Berlin that little bit brighter by improving 380 junction boxes in their district with vibrant works of art. In doing so, they were supported by the associations meredo e.V. and Helliwood media & education im fjs e.V. and by street artists.


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"Most creative junction box 2014" competition

16 Berlin school classes entered the 2014 competition. The three most creative boxes were selected by a jury of 8. Members of the jury evaluated the entries according to the idea and the design. The results were very close.

Berlin inhabitants could also get involved and select their favourites for the public prize. The end result was clear: 44% of all votes went to the winning box.

The results of the vote

1st place
Hauptmann von Köpenick school with "Supplying energy for the future - it also matters to the perch in the convertible!"

2nd place
Wadzeck foundation with "Berlin's live wire bridges"

3rd place
Reineke-Fuchs school with "Energy tree of the future"

Public prize
Ellef-Ringnes elementary school with "Lighting balloon"

1st prize - Supplying energy for the future - it also matters to the perch in the convertible!
Berliner Brücken unter Strom
2nd prize - Berlins live wire bridge
Energy of the Future
3rd prize - Energy of the Future
Public Prize - Lightning Ballon

Entries 2014 competition

  1. Berlin's live wire bridges
    Wadzeck foundation, no information, Dürerstrasse
  2. Lightning balloon
    Ellef-Ringnes elementary school, 6th grade, Erpelgrund
  3. Bus
    Jugendmanufaktur, 9th grade, Eisenacher Strasse
  4. The cool skater
    Wilhelm-Busch elementary school (1), 6th grade, Zossenerstrasse
    The enchanted shoe
  5. Paul-Schmidt school, 8th grade, Gembitzer Strasse
    Energy tree of the future
  6. Reineke-Fuchs elementary school, 5th grade, Klixstrasse
    Supplying energy for the future - it also matters to the perch in the convertible!
  7. Hauptmann von Köpenick school, 5th grade, Gelnitzstrasse
  8. Wilhelm-Busch elementary school (2), 6th grade, Grohsteig
    Happy Alex
  9. An der Geißenweide elementary school, 6th grade, Fichtelbergstrasse
  10. Husky and turtles
    Kolumbus elementary school, 6th grade, Klemkestrasse
  11. Our Century-Tauri
    Lynar elementary school, 6th grade, Eiswerderstrasse
  12. Phoenix
    Solling school, 8th grade, Alt-Marienfelde
  13. Skating forever
    Creativity elementary school Berlin Friedrichshain, 6th grade, Karl-Marx-Allee
  14. Tiger and Simpsons
    Waldgrundschule, 6th grade, Johannisburger Allee
  15. Underwater world
    Hoffmann von Fallersleben elementary school, 6th grade, Gorkistrasse
  16. We come in peace!
    Gustav-Heinemann upper school, 7th grade, Waldsassenerstrasse