Junction box styling 2019

Junction box styling will take place for the tenth time in 2019 and all school and project spaces have been filled. We are delighted that so many of Berlin's younger inhabitants are taking an interest and brightening the city with their creatively designed junction boxes. The price giving ceremony of the competition “Most creative junction box 2019” will take place as part of the festive conclusion of the junction box styling.

Due to the high number of applications to take part in our competition we have three categories that the young artists can compete in with their classes, groups or projects.

Depending on the overall number of entrants, Stromnetz Berlin may, if necessary, make a pre-selection of entries to go forward to be judged by the jury.

The categories in the "Most creative junction box 2019" competition

1. Classic prize for junction boxes

School classes, associations and groups can each submit an entry for this prize with one of their designed junction boxes. It is important that the group or class still exists at the time of the prize giving, so that the prize money can be given to the whole group. The three classes/groups with the winning boxes will be awarded EUR 500 each for their class/group kitty.

2. Special prize "Projects" for junction boxes

Any young artists who designed their junction box as part of a group or holiday project can enter for this prize. Project participants who designed their junction boxes with their class in the second semester of the 6th or 10th grade also fall into this category. The teams with the three winning boxes in this category will receive vouchers for online-shops.

3. Special prize for transformer stations

As part of painting projects, transformer stations are acquiring colorful designs as well as junction boxes. This is why we are awarding a special prize for the most creative transformer station. The winning team will receive vouchers for online-shops or cinema (depending on the group).

Documents for all three categories

All downloads are available in German language only.

Public prize for junction boxes

As a highlight all Berlin inhabitants can select their favorite junction box. Junction boxes in the "classic prize" and "projects special prize" categories will be entered automatically (either all or a pre-chosen selection, depending on the total number of entrants). The team with the winning box receives a great prize.

The prize giving ceremony

The prize giving ceremony will take place in the afternoon of 27 November 2019. A limited number of artists from each category will be invited (either all artists, or those whose entries were chosen at the pre-selection stage, depending on the overall number of entrants). The relevant teams will receive invitations in early November.

The Jury

Depending on the overall number of entrants, Stromnetz Berlin may, if necessary, make a pre-selection of entries to go forward to be judged by the jury.

The jury then selects the winner from these suggestions. Members include: artists, representatives from Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, representatives from Stromnetz Berlin GmbH's Customer Advisory Board, children and young people and representatives from the world of politics.

The idea for the design and overall implementation are judged.

More worth knowing

Your contacts at meredo e. V. and Helliwood media & education im fjs e. V. and Stromnetz Berlin staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the competition.