Art or reality?

The residents of 31 Josef-Orlopp-Strasse and passers-by are being watched from outside the front door. In the past, we had a real problem with our transformer stations being deliberately defaced. That's why we decided to respond to residents' calls for action and put attractive designs on the facades.

With its colourful design, the little work of art blends our transformer station into the cityscape and gives residents something nice to look at. People walk around the transformer building and it's only at a second glance that they realise it's a painting.

Opposite the transformer station are the headquarters of the Konsumgenossenschaft Berlin und Umgegend e.G. [Co-operative for Berlin and the surrounding area], which is the subject of an artwork by Heinrich Zille. To make sure that the content also linked back to the surroundings, objects and people from the work of German graphic artists, photographers and painters were incorporated.