Reduction VAT

The regular VAT rate was reduced from 19% to 16% for the period from 01.07.2020 to 31.12.2020. For the services provided by Stromnetz Berlin in the context of

  • setting up or modification of a house connection,
  • grid use and
  • meter operation of the responsible meter operator

the VAT rate of 16% was taken into account in our gross prices.

The lower VAT rate is taken into account in direct invoicing to customers for the services mentioned above.

Dokumentation of your meter reading

Additional documentation of your meter reading at the beginning (01.07.2020) and end (31.12.2020) of the VAT reduction period is not possible with Stromnetz Berlin.

Please inform your electricity supplier of the meter reading as this is about the billing of the energy used within the framework of the electricity supply contract between you and your electricity supplier.

If you have any further questions about sales tax reductions and your electricity bills, please contact your electricity supplier directly.

The documentation of a meter reading at Stromnetz Berlin via our online portal or the app StromTracker is only possible for

  • annual readings that we have announced or
  • when changing suppliers or
  • moving in or moving out.