Information on grid access cancellation

The agreement for grid usage with the energy supplier BEV Bayerische Energieversorgungsgesellschaft mbH has been cancelled, meaning that, from 01.02.2019, these supplier will no longer be able to supply his customers on our distribution grid with energy.

Important notes on the situation

Who is this information aimed at?

All customers of BEV Bayerische Energieversorgungsgesellschaft mbH in Berlin who were switched over to the replacement supply provided by their default supplier under section 38 of the Energy Industry Act (Energiewirtschaftsgesetz - EnWG) when the relevant agreement of grid usage between their energy supplier and Stromnetz Berlin GmbH was cancelled.

For what reasons can the grid operator cancel a supplier's contract?

There is an agreement between the grid operator and the supplier which regulates the use of the distribution grid to supply energy (supplier framework agreement). The agreement contains a binding requirement that all customer withdrawal points be incorporated into a contractually-based balancing group system. This is established in turn via a 'balancing group agreement' between the supplier and the relevant transmission system operator, who is responsible for maintaining a balance between electricity feeds and withdrawals in a particular area. If a supplier does not fulfil their contractual obligations, the grid operator may cancel the agreement of grid usage.

What happens if an electricity supplier can no longer deliver electricity?

The legislature has provided for this with replacement supply under section 38 of the Energy Industry Act (EnWG). Replacement supply is used if a customer uses electrical energy without the withdrawal being able to be allocated to a particular supply or energy supplier agreement.

Could it happen that I, as a customer, suddenly find myself without electricity?

No, it is impossible for a customer to suddenly find themselves without electricity. If the energy provider discontinues the supply, the local default provider is legally obliged to guarantee the electricity supply.

What is a default provider and who is this in Berlin?

The default provider is the energy supply company which provides general energy supply for the most domestic customers in a grid area. In Berlin, this is Vattenfall Europe Sales GmbH.

Who can claim replacement supply?

All end consumers have a fundamental statutory claim to a replacement supply if they are supplied with low voltage electricity (400 volts or 230 volts).

For how long will I have the replacement supply?

The replacement supply can last a maximum of three months, if a new energy supplier contract is not concluded before this.

Do former customers of BEV Bayerische Energieversorgungsgesellschaft mbH have to look for a new energy supplier?

When the replacement supply ends, the base provider continues the supply by default, if the energy customer has not selected a different supplier.

When can I choose a new supplier?

You can choose a new energy supplier straight away by concluding a new energy supplier agreement with a supplier of your choice.

Do I need to take a meter reading?

Yes: please take a meter reading promptly and notify us of the status by 15 Ferbuary 2019 at the latest.

To notify us of your meter status, you have the following options:

The meter status will be used for the grid operator's final calculations with the previous supplier and as an initial meter status for the replacement supply provided by Vattenfall Europe Sales GmbH. If the meter status is not read and/or we are not notified, the amount of electricity consumed when the replacement supply begins will be calculated according to statutory regulations.

What do I pay for the replacement supply?

The default provider determines the price of replacement supply and will notify you of this on a regular basis. You can find the prices on the default provider's website (

What happens to the money that has already been paid?

Only your previous energy supplier, BEV Bayerische Energieversorgungsgesellschaft mbH, can provide information on this. The consumer centres will also have the information.

Do I have to pay the supplier's missing grid fee payments?

No, your former electricity supplier must pay the grid fees. This is regulated through the agreement between us and the supplier.

Is my supplier agreement with the old supplier still valid? Might I need to cancel the agreement myself?

The grid operator cannot provide any general information on this. We recommend that you contact consumer advice services or, if applicable, seek legal advice.

Can the grid operator advise me on my new supplier?

No, the grid operator cannot provide any information in this regard and is fundamentally obliged to facilitate grid usage for any supplier, to ensure that customers are supplied.