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"They're getting more and more beautiful..." – start of junction box styling 2018 (05.07.2018)

Registration for 2019 is now open.

Customer advisory board at Stromnetz Berlin (19.06.2018)

The committee to improve customer communication and transparency provides valuable Impetus.

Error in transmission of encrypted customer data (18.06.2018)

As the network operator, Stromnetz Berlin is not only responsible for the operation and expansion of Berlin's electricity grid, but also organises parts of the data exchange between various electricity providers for purposes such as transmitting meter readings.

During a test of the software necessary for this exchange on 23 April 2018, customer data of the Berlin electricity provider GASAG was inadvertently sent to the electricity provider Stromio. The information contained in the data packets included the meter number, reading date, meter reading, address and bill number. In total, this involved 123,860 customer data items. The data was transmitted across encrypted communication channels, effectively preventing access to the data by external parties.

Topping-out ceremony for 110 kV grid node (07.06.2018)

Germany's largest switchgear facility is under construction in Charlottenburg to ensure a secure, future-proof electricity supply in Berlin.

Smart energy transition: WindNODE named a "Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2018" (04.06.2018)

The joint initiative "WindNODE – the Smart Energy Showcase from north-eastern Germany" is among the winners of the "Landmark in the Land of Ideas" competition 2018.