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Stromnetz Berlin continues to "switch on" the lights in Berlin (14.12.2017)

On December 12, the state of Berlin awarded the management of public lighting to Stromnetz Berlin following a Europe-wide tender.

Junction box styling 2017: We have the winners! (29.11.2017)

Around 130 keen young artists, teachers and parents gathered at Moabit Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant on Wednesday afternoon. They waited excitedly for the winner of this year's "most creative junction box" competition to be announced. Ultimately, this was not just about recognising artistic achievement, but about getting some extra income for the class kitty, as well as some fantastic prizes.

New substation provides secure power supply for thousands of Berlin residents (09.11.2017)

The new Sellerstrasse substation is complete. Three years after work began, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH was able to commence operations on schedule today. As of now, the substation will play an important role in electricity distribution for more than 19,000 households and 3000 businesses in the centre of Berlin.

Multicoloured instead of uniform grey: choose the best junction box 2017! (02.11.2017)

Around 3000 artworks, in the form of creatively designed electricity distribution boxes, can now be found across the city. Approximately 500 of these were sprayed and spruced up this year alone, as part of the "junction box styling" project.

Replacing the asphalt surface in Invalidenstraße: one side of the road blocked between Schwarzer Weg and Scharnhorststraße (22.10.2017)

Between 23 October 2017 and 6 November 2017 (Berlin autumn holiday), Invalidenstraße in Berlin-Mitte will be completely blocked on one side between Schwarzer Weg and Scharnhorststraße.

Stromnetz Berlin publishes estimated grid fees for 2018 (16.10.2017)

Berlin's households and companies can expect lower grid fees for 2018. Thomas Schäfer, CEO of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, explains the reasons for the reduction as follows: "For one thing, 50Hertz, which operates the upstream transmission grid, is achieving lower costs for redispatch measures.