Press releases from 2016

In the following, we have collated all press releases from 2016.

Secretary of State Baake launches WindNODE, the model region for smart energy from the north-east of Germany (06.12.2016)

On 6 December 2016, Secretary of State Rainer Baake handed over the grant notice to the representatives of the WindNODE joint project. After two years of preparation, the showcase for smart energy from the north-east of Germany has now officially been launched.

Junction box styling 2016: We have the winners! (30.11.2016)

Around 130 keen young artists, teachers and parents gathered at Moabit Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant on Wednesday afternoon. They waited excitedly for the winner of this year's "most creative junction box" competition to be announced.

Multicoloured instead of uniform grey: choose the best junction box 2016!(07.11.2016)

Stromnetz Berlin GmbH publishes estimated fees for 2017 (14.10.2016)

Households and companies in Berlin can expect increased grid usage fees in 2017.

CEO of Stromnetz Berlin: Sharing the costs of the energy reform fairly (12.10.2016)

In the coming year 2017, domestic users and companies in Berlin will be faced with higher costs for using the electricity grid. This is due to the increased charges by the transmission system operator 50Hertz Transmission GmbH of just under 42% compared with the previous year, which Stromnetz Berlin GmbH has to pass on to its end customers.

"Large Grid Company" founded on 1 September 2016 - 1,300 employees now part of joint grid company (12.09.2016)

The Berlin electricity grid has been operated as part of a large grid company since 1 September 2016.


A first in Berlin: Cable plough to lay 110-kilovolt underground cable (23.08.2016)

With a technique that has never before been used in Berlin, a 110-kilovolt cable is being laid underground at the northeastern edge of the city.

Engineering works on Heerstraße for the future expansion of the electricity network (24.07.2016)

During the summer holidays, engineering works will be taking place on Heerstraße/on the corner of Gatower Straße. Conduits will be laid in the ground here as an "underpass" on Gatower Straße for the future expansion of the electricity network. The works will begin on 26 July and continue until 4 September.

Power supply secured for 5,800 Care Energy end customers (01.07.2016)

None of the 5,878 electricity customers of the supplier Care Energy in Berlin need to worry that they will suddenly be without power.

An opportunity for young artists:

Sign up to the 2017 junction box styling project now! (07.06.2016)

School classes from the Berlin city region wishing to take part in the "junction box styling" school project can now apply for a place. The project is being organised by Stromnetz Berlin GmbH and the media skills centres meredo e.V. and Helliwood media & education im fjs e.V.

Overhead lines to disappear (31.03.2016)

Stromnetz Berlin invests and creates essential conditions for urban building projects.

Tree felling in Reinickendorf sadly unavoidable due to cable replacement (17.02.2016)

As part of the modernisation of the distribution grid, Stromnetz Berlin GmbH is replacing the existing high-voltage cable network in Reinickendorf-Konradshöhe with a modern, plastic-insulated cable system.

Outlook for 2016 (20.01.2016)

Record high investments in Berlin's electricity grid.