Queer all over Berlin

Right on time for the start of the Pride Season in Berlin, with the big Christopher Street Day Parade (CSD) as its high point, we are flying the flag for diversity and tolerance with pointed messages in cool blue on 500 junction boxes. As a Pride Sponsor, we are also providing electricity for the CSD on 23 July 2016, along with Berlin's sockets. We believe that acceptance of same-sex couples should be just as natural as power from plug sockets. The amusing and punning slogans on the junction boxes are about queer identity, love and tolerance, with a winking reference to us as the source.

The Pride Season is a series of festivities, parades and events in July devoted to tolerance, acceptance and legal equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. Stromnetz Berlin is supporting the lesbian/gay city party and the CSD parade and is a member of the Bündnis gegen Homophobie für ein vorurteilsfreies Miteinander (Alliance Against Homophobia for a Non-Discriminatory Society).