StromPager - world premiere in the capital

StromPager - the radio-based management technology - is an innovative and efficient solution for switching on consumers and generation units and adapting these in stages. This allows us to carry out our main task - operating a secure and reliable grid.

How does it work

The StromPager's communication method

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With StromPager, consuming devices like night storage heaters and heating pumps, small generation plants for renewable energy and combined-heat-and-power can be remotely managed in the distribution grid. Charging columns for electric vehicles can also optimise the grid load through fast and dynamic regulation.

Replacement of the audio frequency ripple control

In Berlin, approximately 30,000 consumption facilities are currently managed with audio frequency ripple control technology or time switches. The send and receive devices which have been in use for several years are reaching the end of their time. Continuing to use, maintain and replace them is time-consuming and inefficient.

Against this background, we worked with regional project partners to look for new ways to transmit switching commands securely and reliably. With Berlin-based firms e*message and Bosch Software Innovations, we developed all the elements required for this function such as receiver modules, IT platforms and the associated software. Since September 2014, we have been the first distribution system operator to use the pager radio calling network for management.