Keep an eye on your energy consumption at all times using our app.

Get an insight into your energy consumption. To do so, enter some details about your household into the app, e.g. the number of inhabitants. Next, regularly scan your meter status.

Ultimately, you can use a high-level time diagram to compare your energy consumption against that of an average household with similar statistics to your own. This shows you your potential for savings and you can see whether your energy consumption is already more efficient than the average.

Furthermore, you can use our handy energy-saving tips and tricks to reduce your everyday energy consumption. You can follow the results in your personal statistics.

App functionalities:

  • Enter your current energy meter status by photographing your energy meter whenever and as often as you want
  • Easily comprehensible visualisation of your energy consumption over a time period
  • Display showing whether, in a time period of your choice, you consumed less energy than or as much as a comparable household
  • Annual transmission of your meter status to us
  • My energy traffic light
  • My efficiency
  • My energy consumption
  • My CO2 emissions
  • Download my statistics as a PDF
  • Energy saving tips
  • Energy price composition
  • Questions and answers

You can photograph your meter status regardless of whether it is analogue or digital.

We are constantly developing and improving the StromTracker app.

We are keen to receive feedback, which you can send to us at:

All apps are available in German language only.


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