Electric mobility

Electric mobility is set to experience extremely strong growth over the next few years. At this early stage, we have assessed the various paths its development could take.
The key finding is that the Berlin electricity grid is ready to accommodate electric mobility.

  • It is extremely difficult to forecast exactly how electric mobility is set to develop, as the number of electric vehicles currently on the road in Berlin is very small (around 0.12%).
  • Together with the Technical University of Berlin's DAI Lab (a research institute), we performed a potential analysis to assess the grid situation and ascertained that the development of electric mobility will not be impeded by the electricity grid, even with the sharp increase in requirements arising from the connection of charging stations and concurrent increase in charging capacity.


  • Electric mobility

A tour of charging infrastructure

We installed charging infrastructure with parking spaces for 33 cars at our Eichenstraße site. In addition to conventional charging boxes with a capacity of 11 kW, the location is home to a DC/AC quick-charging station providing capacity of up to 50 kW. We offer guided tours to interested customers in order to explain the various aspects of this type of charging infrastructure. Please contact us if you are interested in taking a tour.

Load e-bike

To charge an e-bike battery, the user must carry the associated charger and cable. Since this accessory can not be used unobserved on a freely accessible power outlet, the installation of a cabinet, in which several lockable compartments, the charging of an integrated outlets is possible. We have integrated such a cabinet in our charging infrastructure and it is part of the tour.

Test centre for charging infrastructure

In its test centre, Stromnetz Berlin is analysing various plants and control systems that could be put into practice as the field of electric mobility expands. Examples include:

  • Phase selectors
    To manage imbalances when connecting multiple single-phase charging systems
  • Local load management
    To limit the load connected to the charging infrastructure and reduce the connection costs, and to prevent the grid from being expanded too far

Please contact us for more information.

Electrification of our fleet

Stromnetz Berlin currently uses around 200 cars as part of its network operations. The aim is to electrify 70% of its cars by 2020.

Current status as of mid-2018:

  • 36 fully electric cars
  • 39 plug-in hybrid cars