Construction of the new Charlottenburg 110 kV network node

We are carrying out construction work on our electricity distribution grid to ensure that you receive a reliable and secure power supply.

In a metropolis like Berlin, energy distribution requires a lot of components. Cables are used to transport the power; the switchgears in the network nodes are used to distribute it across the sub-network areas evenly and according to demand, and transformer stations are used to step it up and down to different voltage levels.

An important network node for electricity distribution in the City West area is located in Berlin-Charlottenburg. Its function is comparable to that of a fuse box in a private household, but due to the considerably higher amounts of electricity (voltage of 110,000 V, operating currents of up to 2,500 A and short circuit currents of up to 100,000 A must be safely controlled), the technology is significantly more complex. On top of this comes the option of remote control and monitoring.

However, the existing facility is no longer able to deal with the demands which will be placed on the electricity distribution network in future and cannot be extended. As a result, preparatory work started as early as 2016 for the construction of a new 110 kV network node in Berlin-Charlottenburg. This will become operational in 2020.

Experience the highlights of the commissioning of the network node Charlottenburg

Implementing the construction plan / Technical features

Since all of the old network node's electrical equipment must be replaced and extended, a completely new building is being erected on the neighbouring land, which was purchased specially for this purpose. This contains all the necessary electrical facilities, of which the centrepiece is a 110 kV gas-insulated indoor switchgear (GIS).

This GIS is composed of 31 switch fields with a triple busbar, where its four busbar sections are divided across two levels. This makes it the largest 110 kV GIS in Germany.
As part of construction of the new node, the high-voltage network in the area around the network node is also being comprehensively rebuilt. Once construction is complete, all the required cables will be laid in the new building.

As well as the expansion potential for the growing city, consideration is already being given to increasing the capacity connection to the high-voltage network, with plans for another 380/110 kV transformer in the nearby transformer station belonging to the Transmission System Operator 50Hertz Transmission GmbH, to safeguard the future of the location.

The Charlottenburg network node distributes energy to the middle of Berlin. It supplies around 320,000 commercial and household customers.


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