Electricity grid renovation: New cables for Hellersdorf

As the proprietor of Berlin's energy distribution grid and the associated grid equipment, we ensure that you have a reliable supply of electricity.

The cables and grid stations in parts of Hellersdorf have reached the end of their planned lifetime. They are liable to disruption which unfortunately leads to occasional power failures.

In order to be able to offer you better security of supply in future, we are modernising our distribution network in Hellersdorf until August 2019. We are replacing at least 4.5 km of medium-voltage and communication cables. Ten grid stations and some house connections in the area will also be renovated.


  • Alexander Dahlke

    030-49 202-24 55

    Monday - Friday
    9 am - 2 pm

Overview of the streets and sections of streets which will be affected by the building works:

  • No. 3 Eilenburger Str. to the corner of Gohliser Str.
  • Opposite No. 50 Torgauer Str. to the corner of Böhlener Str.
  • Hoyerswerdaer Straße near to the U-Bahn station
  • No. 38 Hoyerswerdaer Str. to the corner of Louis-Lewin-Str.
  • Opposite no. 62 to no. 40 Albert-Kuntz-Str
  • Opposite no. 82 Adele-Sandrock-Str. to the corner of Schönewalder Straße
  • No. 25 Schwarzheider Str. to opposite no. 13
  • Louis-Lewin-Straße from the corner with Schwarzheider Str. to the corner with Riesaer Str.
  • Opposite no. 1 Jänschwalder Str. to opposite no. 33 Louis-Lewin-Str
  • Opposite no. 14 Schönewalder Str. to the corner of Riesaer Str.
  • No. 7 Branitzer Str. to the corner of Schönewalder Str.
  • Opposite no. 117 Riesaer Str. to the corner of Jenaer Str.
  • Corner of Leisniger Str. and Riesaer Str. to Roßweiner Ring
  • No. 5 Mittweidaer Str. to the corner of Döbelner Str.
  • No. 11 to no. 13 Geithainer Str.
  • Corner of Döbelner Str. and Jenaer Str. to corner of Leisniger Straße

The works will primarily take place on cycle paths and pavements. Restrictions may be put in place on these.

There are no disruptions to the electricity supply planned. However, if short disruptions do become necessary, we will inform affected customers well in advance – at least three working days beforehand – by putting up notices. We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience that this may cause and ask for your understanding.