WindNODE - experimentation spaces for our energy future

German digitalises the energy revolution

In its large-scale project to promote digitalisation, launched in 2015, the German government focused on the energy industry: the programme's name is "Innovative digitalisation of the German economy". The "Smart energy showcase – digital agenda for the energy revolution" (SINTEG projects, for short) researches how a renewables-based energy supply can be created in five model regions.

WindNODE is the project in one of the model regions and it covers north-east Germany, i.e. the operating area of transmission grid operator 50Hertz Transmission GmbH. In balance sheet terms, around 49 per cent of consumption already comes from renewable sources in this region. Working with over 50 partners from science and industry in this large-scale real-life laboratory, we are testing how energy from renewable sources can be incorporated efficiently into the system as a whole - taking consumer protection and data security standards into account. Furthermore, there is an intention to clarify questions about the design of the market going forward and test technical solutions.

Energy Hack2 - For the city * For the energy revolution

Stromnetz Berlin, the city administration (Senatsverwaltung für Wirtschaft, Energie und Betriebe) and the Open Knowledge Foundation invites to a hackday in scope of the project WindNODE together with InfraLab Berlin, Technologiestiftung Berlin, Vattenfall, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Fraunhofer FOKUS and further partners. Together with developer, designer, scientists and innovativ masterminds of the energy branch we like to pool an efficient city and the energy revolution to develop new ideas, hardware prototyps or new apps.

WindNODE Challenge 2018

The WindNODE Challenge is the idea competition of the showcase for intelligent energy from north-east Germany. The competition focus on individuals and teams, which will promote the energy revolution. Students, junior scientists, employees or startup-entrepreneurs are questioned. The vita isn’t essential, but the solution expertise for the relevant challenge. The format is self choosen and there are no specifications. Important is to represent the proposal concise, understandable and suasive. The finale candidates have the chance to introduce their proposal a larger audience in five minutes. The best solutions will be awared as „WindNODE challenge 2018 – innovation for intelligent energy". In addition, 1,500 Euro will be awarded overall and the winners get directly access to the challenge guides from the energy business.

Smart energy transition: WindNODE named a "Landmark in the Land of Ideas 2018"

Berlin. The joint initiative "WindNODE – the Smart Energy Showcase from north-eastern Germany" is among the winners of the "Landmark in the Land of Ideas" competition 2018. An independent jury selected WindNODE from almost 1,500 en-tries as one of 100 projects for the award. Within the energy transition project WindNODE, 70 partners from business, industry and science develop solutions for the smart energy system of tomorrow.

Input Stromnetz Berlin

Stromnetz Berlin is represented with six future-oriented projects and it sits on the WindNODE steering group. We are also coordinating the "Networked end customers, new products and services" work package.

What does it mean for Berlin; what does it mean for you? Join Ms Schmidt and get an insight into the future.