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In the future, increased use of electric vehicles will influence the modern cityscape. Charging electric vehicles quickly and conveniently requires charging infrastructure. We are working on creating infrastructure via which users can obtain electricity for their vehicle from any energy supplier.

Integration of energy from renewable sources

One challenge when operating electric vehicles with a positive eco-balance is the availability of energy from renewable generation sources. Because sunlight and wind are not consistently available, it takes particular grid management to guarantee that the vehicle's battery can be charged when there's no wind, or in the dark.

Vision for the future

Charging management systems for the future must find a way to harmoniously combine the availability of energy from renewable sources, local grid loads, the charging requirements of users and the technological aspects of the battery. Furthermore, a charging concept of this sort must also take into account the interactions between the many stakeholders in the market.

It should be possible for the users of electric vehicles to charge their vehicle's battery at any time, ideally with energy from renewable sources. If renewable energy is not available, the energy grid can be used to ensure that the electric vehicle is supplied with electricity from traditional power plants. In future, electric vehicles will also be used as mobile energy storage facilities, which can feed energy into the electricity grid if required.