Smart Meter

The intelligent measuring systems that have been available since 2020 - often also referred to as smart meters - consist of a modern metering device and a communication unit (smart meter gateway). The communication unit enables the system to record and transmit important network and consumption values. Intelligent measuring systems are therefore a basic building block for intelligent power grids. They encrypt the measured values recorded by the digital meter to the authorized energy suppliers. This eliminates the need to read the electricity consumption annually.

In the future, however, the devices will be able to perform other functions:

The measurement values can also be provided through a variety of platforms, e.g. websites and smart phone apps. This gives the customer an up-to-the-minute overview of their own energy consumption and, where applicable, their generation.

However, the energy supplier can also use the consumption data to design bespoke energy products, thus contributing to the optimisation of energy consumption and energy costs.

Smart meters make energy usage more transparent for customers, compared to today's measurement techniques.

You will find further information on the page Intelligent measuring system.

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