You can use our app to find out at any given time how much energy the city of Berlin is generating itself, importing and consuming. The data is updated every 15 minutes!

How much energy is Berlin generating itself, how much is imported from the transmission grid and how much consumed? StromTicker answers all these questions with live data on its various displays. You can get an overview of the data for the whole of Berlin or select your district to view its details. Find out how much energy is currently being consumed and generated in your area. You can also see how much CO2 is being generated as a result of the energy consumption.

App functionalities:

  • Live displays of energy generation, importation and consumption for the whole of Berlin, from January 2012 up to the present
  • Division of the data on electricity generation and consumption according to districts of Berlin
  • Display of the equivalent CO2 emissions
  • Map of Berlin showing current grid usage
  • Information on energy efficiency

Our app is continuously being improved. We are keen to receive feedback, which you can send to us at:


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All apps are available in German language only.