When will "green" energy become available in Germany's energy grid?

Generating electricity from renewable energy sources depends on the weather. The duration and intensity of sunshine or wind strength are factors which significantly impact on energy generation.

Using the Stromwetter clock, you can see how long it would take for a comparable amount of electricity to be generated in Germany's energy grid using sun and wind.

Through targeted use of devices like washing machines or ovens at times with "green energy weather", you can support the production of energy from renewable sources. This means that everyone can do their bit for the energy revolution.

App functionalities:

  • Displays optimal energy consumption times on the Stromwetter clock
  • Daily predictions of the amount of energy from renewable sources in the energy grid
  • Displays the predicted green energy feed on a diagram
  • In-depth background knowledge


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Fluctuating feed requires flexible grids

We run the energy distribution grid in Berlin. One of our most important tasks involves the integration of renewable energies. Through continuous development of the grids and the integration of modern communications technology, we're supporting the energy revolution.

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