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Want to play an active role in designing the future? With us you'll find the right team. Together we can help develop trailblazing solutions for the energy industry.

Learning at Stromnetz Berlin is more than "just" an interesting training programme in a results-oriented company. You will become part of a challenging, complex and international working environment.

Our trainees are well-looked-after by our qualified and committed trainers. On average, the final grades are higher than comparable grades in Berlin. The terms and conditions of the traineeship, such as weekly working hours, annual leave, bonus payments, subsidies and offers of permanent roles, are defined in the collective agreement. Our trainees' pay is above average. Furthermore, as part of the traineeship we offer attractive additional qualifications, such as language training, project work and driver safety training.

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Our training roles

With a great deal of commitment and passion, our trainers ensure that your working life gets off to a good start.

Trainee electronics for industrial technology

Nowadays, virtually everything runs on electricity. Everywhere needs experts who know how to transport, manage and convert energy.

Electronics for industrial technology have these skills. However, they can also get hands-on anywhere - on construction sites, in factories or in the service department. With the right professional experience, electronics for industrial technology can become industrial foremen or technicians specialising in electrical engineering.

After basic training in electronic engineering and mechanics, trainees learn to recognise and master the ways that more complex systems and components work. Electronic control systems are playing an increasingly significant role in this. The traineeship is practical and requires you to plan and execute tasks independently.

View the training as an electronics for industrial technology from the first to the fourth year in detail in the 360 degree video.

(It is recommended to watch with a mobile device or Virtual Reality glasses.)

Trainee electronics for automation technology

The automation of processes now plays a significant role in many technical areas. At the heart of modern production and distribution systems lies process management technology that ensures smooth interaction between individual components and systems. Automation of the many components in our electricity supply grid is also relevant to providing a reliable power supply.

Electronics for automation technology are responsible for ensuring that these complex systems work safely and continuously. They carry out installation and maintenance, and find and fix malfunctions. Electronics for automation technology are employed at assembly plants and in the service department. Once some professional experience is acquired, it can lead to qualification as an industrial foreman, a technician or a Bachelor of Engineering (m/f).

After basic training in metals and electronics, electronics for automation technology quickly switch to working with complex systems. PCs play a major role throughout the traineeship. The fast development of the technology makes the role interesting and varied. As such, the ability to independently acquire new knowledge is highly valued as early as the traineeship stage.

Dual course of studies

In a dual course of studies, you switch between exciting training weeks and interesting study periods. It combines your training with us with university studies. Here you can also obtain a vocational qualification. You can immediately put the theoretical knowledge that you obtain through your studies into professional practice within the company. You will receive financial support and acquire a whole range of new experiences.

Bachelor of Engineering, electrical engineering study pathway (Berlin/Bautzen)

This primarily mathematical, scientific and technical dual course of studies is run in partnership with Saxony University of Cooperative Education in Bautzen. It is split into three-month study and practical sections at the University of Cooperative Education in Bautzen and practical work placements in Berlin.

Among other aspects, the study periods cover the basics of engineering and business management. The course also covers protective technology and control systems, building technology, management and control engineering, network control technology, high-voltage technology and power electronics.

The practical sections will enhance the theoretical foundations in our specialist areas and will form the focus of the studies. A bachelor thesis should be produced in the company in the sixth semester.

Job vacancies

Dual Studies Bachelor of Engineering, course of studies Electrical Engineering 2019 (Berlin / Bautzen)

Location: Berlin/Bautzen

Application deadline: -

Ref.-No.: TB-00104

Contract type: Limited time

Dual Studies Bachelor of Engineering, course of studies Electrical Engineering (PDF 41 kB)

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Training as an electronics for operations engineering for 2019

Location: Berlin

Application deadline: -

Ref.-No.: TB-00107

Contract type: Limited time

Training as an electronics for operations engineering (PDF 37 kB)

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Training as an electronics for automation technology for 2019

Location: Berlin

Apllication deadline: -

Ref.-No.: TB-00108

Contract type: Limited time

Training as an electronics for automation technology (PDF 42 kB)

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