UPDATE: Outage in Charlottenburg

Power supply to all households restored. Repair works to the Mörschbrücke bridge continue into the night.

The 6,500 households and around 400 businesses in northern Charlottenburg that had been affected by a outage since 12.52 pm have now had their power supply restored since 8.12 pm. A fire underneath the Mörschbrücke bridge (over the Westhafen Canal) had damaged eight cable systems belonging to Stromnetz Berlin's 10 kV network. The police had temporarily cordoned off a large area surrounding the site of the fire in order to investigate the cause. This initially delayed the necessary repair works.

Troubleshooting involved excavation work being carried out on both sides of the bridge, the damaged sections of cable being removed and new cables being provisionally laid. This meant that more and more customers could be reconnected over the course of the evening. Even now that the power supply has been restored to customers, works are continuing into the night.

The area affected by the outage encompassed Bonhoefferufer, Brahe-, Fabricius-, Kepler-, Lise-Meitner-, Max-Dohrn-, Mindener- and Osnabrücker Straße, Tegeler Weg, and Mierendorffplatz and the surrounding area. Due to the large number of damaged cables, it was not possible to undertake switching measures in order to restore the power supply quickly - outages in the medium-voltage range are usually rectified within around 90 minutes.