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Berlin's reliable grid operator

Secure power supply for our customers.

We are responsible for Berlin's distribution grid.

The distribution grid consists of sub-grids at high voltage (110 kV), medium voltage (10 kV) and low voltage (0.4 kV) and is linked to the upstream transmission grid via substations.

Our distribution grid efficiently supplies all customers with energy and is available to all users to the same degree, regardless of which energy supplier they have chosen.

Construction of a new grid station
  • Our tasks

    We control the distribution grid 24 hours a day and ensure that as much electricity is available everywhere as is needed.

    We design and develop the network for a secure power supply in the future.

    As a metering point operator, we provide our customers with digital meters. take care of the reading and billing of network charges.

    Our right of use of roads in Berlin is based on the electricity concession contract that was concluded between the State of Berlin and us. The contract has been in effect since January 1st, 2021, has a term of 10 years and can be extended twice for five years each time.

    We operate the public street lighting for the State of Berlin and advise interested parties on electromobility, especially the charging infrastructure.

    Our distribution grid is equally available to all users, regardless of which electricity supplier a contract has been concluded with.

  • Reliable supply

    We offer all users of our network the highest level of supply reliability. Our distribution grid consists for the most part of cables laid underground, which are as good as safe from external damage or weather influences. Should a malfunction nevertheless occur, our 24h fault management is the central point of contact for malfunction reports and coordinates all measures to remedy the malfunction and to restore the power supply as quickly as possible.

  • Our target: Satisfied customers

    Since the liberalization of the electricity market began in 1998, we have been involved in the design and implementation of competition in electricity distribution. We have been particularly active in shaping the use of the grid in order to support the market-based foundations for competition on the electricity market.

    Economic operation while at the same time ensuring our high quality of supply and the highest possible transparency in our services are and will remain our central challenges as grid operators.

Roadmap 2030, Purpose and Vision

Every company needs a strategy. In 2023, we have developed a detailed plan for the years that lie ahead of us: the Roadmap 2030.

In the coming years we as Stromnetz Berlin are facing diverse tasks and challenges. With our Roadmap 2030 we prioritize 18 highly important topics and issues which will essentially form our path into the year 2030. These include issues from the following fields: staff/management, coporate culture/company values, value chains/cooperations, corporate control/finance, organisation/processes, technics/innovation, and data management/IT.

Similar to a mountain hike, a map with waypoints helps us not to lose ourbearings and to reach the summit safely - the roadmap also fulfills this function.

Two results developed out of the Roadmap 2030: our corporate purpose and our corporate vision.

With our purpose we answer the following questions: what's the innermost core of our company? What motivates our almost 2,000 employees each working day? What's the main task our stakeholders, most important among them our 3.7 million customers, have given to us? Which purpose does our company fulfill for the society of Berlin? This is our answer:

Our purpose

24/7 energy for Berlin.
We make the city exciting.

In contrast to this our vision as a company is distinctively aimed at the future: which state does Stromnetz Berlin want to reach by the year X? What are we working towards? What and how do we want to be in the future? In which direction do we wish to develop ourselves?

Our vision

For the love of Berlin:
the most modern power grid for the climate-neutral capital

Berlin wants to be a climate-neutral metropolis by 2045 at the latest. To achieve this, we are making our almost 36,000-kilometre-long grid bigger, smarter, more flexible and even more reliable – the state-of-the-art electricity grid for the Berlin of tomorrow and beyond, for a city that fascinates and inspires us.

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