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Our service

Customer requests 030 49202 0294

Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm

In the event of a power failure...

Our Fault Management is every day around the clock your central receiving centre for reports of malfunctions in the power supply (e.g. a power failure) in Berlin. 

Topical disturbances in the medium voltage grid

There are currently no reported disruptions.

Is your power out but no fault shown in your area?

Using our self-check, you can find out the cause of your power failure and what you need to do.

If the cause for the power outage within our distribution grid, please call us free of charge.

Do you have a power outage?

  • Check fuses and RCD switch

    Before turning back on any fuses or the RCD switch please make sure, that there is no immediate danger for your or other persons in the house.

  • Check neighbours and surrounding area

    If there is no power available despite swithed fuses, check if any further houses in the neighbourhood have the same problem

  • Report the interruption

    Please report the interruption to us under following free of charge telephone number

    0800 211 25 25

    We will quickly take care of the problem.

Installer service for our low-voltage end customers - 24/7 emergency service partnership

For the swift resolution of faults and dangerous situations in your electrical equipment, the installer service of the Berlin electrical trades association (Elektro-Innung Berlin) is on hand to help you as a low-voltage end customer.

At your request, we can provide an on-duty electrical installation company, subject to a charge, around the clock.

  • A flat rate of EUR 205.00 (including VAT) plus the necessary material costs is charged by the electrical installation company for "first aid" troubleshooting. This includes travel there and back and a maximum of one hour's working time.
  • The payment of the service fee takes place after the arrival of the installer service at your place, before the start of the work and in cash.
  • For every additional half hour, the electrical installation company charges EUR 45,00 (including VAT).
  • If the emergency service partner is deployed Monday to Friday between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m. or on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, a surcharge of EUR 20 (including VAT) will be charged. The prerequisite for the award is that the majority of the assignment is carried out during this period.

If during troubleshooting it is determined that the cause of the fault is not in your electrical equipment but in part of our distribution network, fault elimination by the installer service will of course be free of charge. Installations on the distribution network include meters (excluding the meter board and circuit distributor) and the domestic connection.

Exception: blown domestic connection fuse

A blown domestic connection fuse in the domestic connection cabinet is caused by faulty or overloaded customer equipment. This type of fault is treated as an error in your customer equipment. The cost of troubleshooting by us or our emergency service partner must be borne by the end customer.

Have you noticed a street light that is not working?

Information on how to report malfunctioning or damaged public street lighting systems.