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Responsible meter operator

Meter operation is the responsibility of the primary meter operating company for the location, unless otherwise agreed. We, ourselves, are the primary meter operators for our distribution network area. 


Meter operation includes installing, operating and servicing the metering devices and metering systems, developing and ensuring that the metering of energy which is consumed or that which is taken from or fed into the grid, including the processing of measured values and data transmission, is in compliance with calibration law.

Only modern metering devices or intelligent metering systems are to be installed, once they become technically available.

With the availability of a modern metering device or an intelligent metering system, the metering charges will be billed to the end users' energy suppliers or to the end users themselves. The energy supplier has the right to choose whether or not to bill the meter operation. If the energy supplier does not assume the metering charges, a measurement point agreement shall be established with the end user by law, and the metering charges shall be billed to the end user.

A contractual arrangement is required for the execution of the measurement point operation.

Documents and pricing leaflets

Contractual agreement with the energy provider

Pricing leaflets







Framework agreement of measure point operator

By means of an appropriate agreement, a measure point operator may assume the meter operation (installing, removing, operating and servicing of measuring points) inclusive the measurment.

All downloads are available in German language only.

Information about the responsible meter operator

about the rollout of modern metering devices and intelligent measuring systems.