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Junction box styling 2021

School classes from across the Berlin city region could apply to take part in the "junction box styling" school project once again.

All places for 2021 were allocated. 

The children and young people were artists from April to November 2021.

The campaign is aimed at pupils from the 5th grade. In a week-long project, each class designed 15 junction boxes in their city.

"Most creative junction box 2021" competition

Due to the large number of registrations for our competition, there were three categories the young artists could apply for with their classes, groups or projects.

The categories of the "Most creative junction box 2021" competition

1. Classic prize for junction boxes

School classes, clubs and groups can apply for this prize with one of their junction box designs. It is important that the group or class still exists at the time of the award ceremony so that the prize money can also be spent as a group. The three classes/groups of the winning boxes will each receive a prize of 500 euros for the "class/group kitty".

1st place

Grundschule im Blumenviertel, Animals in the city" motif

2nd place

Melli-Beese-Grundschule, "Turtle in the sea" motif

3rd place

Rheingau-Gymnasium, "The star" motif

2. Special prize "Projects" for junction boxes

All young artists who have designed their junction box as part of a group or holiday project can apply for this prize. Project participants who created their junction box design with their class in the second half of the 6th or 10th grade also fall under this group. The teams behind the three winning boxes in this category receive vouchers for online shops.

1st place

Friedrichsfelder Grundschule, "The Bird of Paradise" motif

2nd place

Französisches Gymnasium Berlin, "Space Flight" motif

3rd place

Clara-Grunwald-Grundschule, "Fighting fish and snail" motif

3. Special prize for transformer stations

In our projects, it's not just junction boxes that are colourfully designed, but transformer stations too. That’s why we also have a special prize for the most creative transformer station. The winning team also receives vouchers. There was a points tie this year, so we had two first place winners.

1st place

Charlotte-Pfeffer-Schule, "Animals with aquatic habitat" motif

1st place

Arno-Fuchs-Schule, "What’s that buzzing?" motif

2nd place

Schule am Zille-Park, "World under water" motif

3rd place

Schule am Bienwaldring, "Life in the meadow" motif

Audience award for junction boxes

All Berlin residents were able to choose their favourite junction box as a highlight. Junction boxes from the "classic prize" and "special prize projects" categories are automatically entered. The winning box team will receive a great prize.


Melli-Beese-Grundschule, "Turtle in the sea" motif

Audience award 2021

Gallery of all junction boxes participating in the competition

The award ceremony
The award ceremony took place in the afternoon of 22 March 2022. Due to the pandemic, a limited number of artists in each category were invited. 

The jury
The jury selected the winning teams from all the entries. The jury includes (m/f): Artists, employees of Stromnetz Berlin GmbH, children and young people as well as representatives from politics where applicable.

The idea for the motif and the overall implementation were evaluated.

Further information
Your contacts at meredo e. V., Helliwood media & education im fjs e. V. and employees of Stromnetz Berlin will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the competition.