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A strategy aimed at sustainable network operation

We support the climate goals of the State of Berlin. We have already set out the basis for this in our mission statement, sustainability strategy, our measures grouped into four fields of action and their integration into our overall company strategy.

Our sustainability strategy

Sustainability covers more than environmental and climate protection: at Stromnetz Berlin, it also touches on such topics as security of supply and customer-orientation, attractive, fair working conditions and sustainable supply chains in which social issues are considered. For this reason, we have chosen to take a holistic approach in developing a sustainability strategy.

The foundations for our sustainability strategy are our mission statement and four fields of action:

1. Reliably accelerating the energy transition with a focus on our customers

We advocate for a resilient network infrastructure. With this, we ensure reliable electricity supply to the city of Berlin – 24 hours a day. At the same time we ensure our network infrastructure grows continuously so that we can, for example, charge e-vehicles, receive energy from solar panels and power heat pumps, ensuring the energy transition takes place as swiftly and successfully as possible. We support our stakeholders in achieving their climate goals. Digital solutions allow the intelligent control of the network and increase its flexibility. Our processes are efficient and transparent – making us particularly customer- and service-oriented.

2. Shaping environmental and climate protection

We preserve natural resources and biodiversity along our entire value chain. We protect the environment during construction and on our premises. We use energy efficiently and make sure our use of raw materials is responsible. We invest in active climate protection in our core business and in our collaboration with partners along the supply chain.

3. Working together safely and with empowerment

Occupational health and safety are of the highest priority for us. This goes for all our workplaces, whether in our offices and facilities or on our building sites. We also strive to continuously develop the social and technical competence of our employees. Our corporate culture is based on our shared values: reliable, together, forward-looking and resolved. We promote diversity and create a sustainability culture that all employees can identify with..

4. Conscientious and cooperative in achieving goals

We apply our sustainability demands not only to ourselves but also to our suppliers and service providers. We value long-term collaboration and make sure our partner companies also uphold labour law and human rights. In Berlin, we collaborate on the development of sustainability issues and are socially engaged.