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Questions & answers about e-mobility

Many Berlin residents and many companies are switching over: Instead of vehicles with combustion engines, they prefer to use climate-friendly electromobility. Such a massive changeover naturally raises questions – including about the charging infrastructure and the connections needed for this. We have tried to answer some frequently asked questions here.

FAQs on charging infrastructure

How do I determine if my grid connection is suitable?

Before purchasing a wallbox, you should contact an electrician and have the connection situation checked. For large charging capacities, the grid connection or the electrical installation in the building may be overloaded. The electrician checks whether the available capacity is sufficient. Does your grid connection need to be changed? If so, the electrician will liaise with us and we will get everything started together.

Where can I find an electrician?

You can use our installer directory for this. After entering your postcode, you will receive an overview of all registered installer companies in your area.

Where can I buy a wallbox from?

Many energy suppliers offer wallboxes for purchase, and the electrical trade also offers suitable charging equipment of different sizes. Stromnetz Berlin does not sell wallboxes for private users. You can find out more about our range of services for electromobility on our ‘Consultation, solution, implementation’ page.

Can I install the wallbox myself?

No. This is a job for your electrician. Improperly or independently installed electrical systems can cause serious danger to people and technical systems. In this case, for example, your electric vehicle could be damaged.

Does Stromnetz Berlin install the wallbox for my garage?

No. Private users mandate an electrician for the installation, please.

How and with whom do I register my charging infrastructure?

Since March 2019, all charging stations must be registered with the network operator. This is stipulated by the Low Voltage Connection Ordinance. The electrician can register for you using the standardised registration form, for example or via the customer portal.

Do you have or need a connection to the low voltage? Please use our customer portal.

Do you have or need a connection to the medium voltage? Then visit our medium and high voltage page.

For public charging points, please use the form of the Federal Network Agency. This form for registering charging infrastructure in public spaces must be completed in addition to registering with the grid operator.

Does your charging infrastructure have a connected load of more than 12 kilovolt amperes (kVA)?

In this case, you must obtain the consent of the network operator from us. You can submit your request via our contact form, for example. After your request, we will check the network situation and either agree or inform you of the necessary measures.

Can I combine my wallbox with my PV system?

This is possible in principle. Your electrician will advise you on this. For energy and load management in connection with your PV system, a data network must be installed so that the wallbox and PV system can communicate with each other, for example.

What costs can I expect?

This depends on the type, number and size of your connections for charging electric vehicles. Your electrician can tell you the costs of purchasing, installing and operating a simple wallbox. Do you want to install a more complex charging infrastructure, for example with several charging points or quick chargers? Then we will be happy to help you. You can find more information on our ‘Electric mobility’ page.

Simply use our contact form.

How long does it take to install charging infrastructure?

This depends on the type, number and size of your connections for charging electric vehicles. We will let you know as soon as possible when you will be able to charge an electric vehicle on your charging infrastructure for the first time. Since we work with external service providers during installation, there may be occasional delays that are unfortunately out of our control.

How can I manage my charging infrastructure?

There are several ways to do this. As a property owner or apartment manager, you can, for example, leave use and billing to your tenants.

If you operate a fleet of electric vehicles, a complete solution is more suitable. You can also appoint an operator for your charging infrastructure. We have put together more information for you on our ‘Flow controller’ page.

Can the power grid cope with an increasing number of electric vehicles being charged?

We have tested this together with experts from the scientific world. We have compiled some of the results for you on our ‘E-mobility and electricity grid’ page.