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Meter instructions

In the following we have compiled user instructions for electronic household meters, modern metering devices, smart meter gateways and information leaflets on special meters.

Instructions smart meter gateways

Producer PPC (paragraph "Für Privatpersonen")

CONNEXA 3.0, producer Theben (via sales partner co. Lackmann)

CASA 1.0, producer EMH

Three-phase current meter

ManufacturerType/instructionsUse area
Dr. NeuhausSMARTY ix-130Energy withdrawal
EMHED300L-W2EV-0N-EL0-D2-000002-F50/K2Energy withdrawal
EMHeHZ-IW8E2A5L0EK2PEnergy withdrawal
EMHeHZ-IW8E2AWL0EK2PEnergy withdrawal
EMHeHZ-IW8E2A5L0EQ2PEnergy withdrawal and supply
ISKRAMT174Energy withdrawal
ISKRAMT175-D2A51-V22-K0tEnergy withdrawal
ISKRAMT681-D4A51-K0pEnergy withdrawal
ISKRAMT681-D4A53-K0pEnergy supply
ISKRAMT681-D4A52-K0pEnergy withdrawal and supply
ZPAZE 312.D0.A1T021-080Energy withdrawal

Three-phase current measurement converter meter

ManufacturerType/instructionsUse area
EMHeHZ-IW3E1A5L0EKEnergy withdrawal
EMHeHZ-IW3E1A5L0EL2PEnergy supply
EMHeHZ-IW3E1A5L0EQ2PEnergy withdrawal and supply

Electrical performance meter

ManufacturerType/instructionsUse area
EMHDMTZ-XC-468Energy withdrawal
EMHDMTZ-XC-468sEnergy withdrawal
EMHDMTZ-XC-469Energy withdrawal
EMHDMTZ-XC-469sEnergy withdrawal

4 quadrant load profile meter

ManufacturerType/instructionsUse area
EMHLZQJ-XC-530sEnergy withdrawal and supply
EMHLZQJ-XC-531dEnergy withdrawal and supply
EMHLZQJ-XC-531sEnergy withdrawal and supply
EMHLZQJ-XC-532dEnergy withdrawal and supply
EMHLZQJ-XC-532sEnergy withdrawal and supply
ITRONDC4Energy withdrawal and supply
ITRONDC4Energy withdrawal and supply
Landis+GyrZMD310Energy withdrawal and supply

Alternating current meter

ManufacturerType/instructionsUse area
APATORNORAX1Energy withdrawal
DZGWS7212Energy withdrawal

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