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Sun energy from the balcony

The energy transition is no longer just a matter for the major energy companies. Using electricity from alternative energy sources is now easier than ever.

You can even do it at home. A plug-and-play solar installation on your balcony allows you to operate solar modules with a total output of up to 800 VA.

You can generate and use electricity yourself in four easy steps:

  1. Find out about the installation requirement
    information from the Forum Netztechnik / Netzbetrieb (FNN) in the Association of Electrical Engineering Electronics Information Technology e. V. (VDE) on plug-in pv systems
    Obtain consent from your landlord
  2. Register the installation in theMarket master data register of Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur)
  3. Plug the installation in to your electrical socket

It may still be necessary to change the meter for the use of the balcony system. We will check this after the registration of the plant on the market master data register and inform you of any necessary change. During the transitional period, a meter may also run backwards in accordance with the statutory regulations.

All downloads are available in German language only.

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